Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!
Fundraising for our little angel Edna starts TODAY! We are so excited to help raise money for this precious angel. She is in an orphanage in Eastern Europe and needs a family to call her own. James 1:27. We are making baby blankets as well- for a donation of $20.00 we will send you a homemade fleece baby quilt to give as a gift or to keep for your little one for those cold days/nights to come. An example is shown here. Thanks, and may God bless you as you help those of his precious little ones in need.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So it has been awhile since we posted. Lots of fun stuff happening. Ryan just turned 3 years old, and started Pre-school. Nathan will be 6 years old in about 1 week. Ashley is almost 18 years old, and a Senior in High school, Zack is a Jr, Kim is a freshman. Brittany is in 7th grade, Tristan is in 5th grade. Steve and I will soon be celebrating our 19th Wedding Anniversary. Also we have decided to help a little baby girl with Down syndrome in another Country with becoming her "Angel Tree Warrior Family". She is absolutely adorable and needs a family, and medical care a.s.a.p. Plans to adopt her are on our minds, hearts and prayers. However if we can't we will help find someone who can. You can make a donation through Reece's Rainbow. Thanks. :)  Click here to donate.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Reece's Rainbow

Reece's Rainbow
We have some friends that are bringing home their twin Grandson's this weekend. Going through my things to see what we could give them. I told Steve I want another baby- "We have a baby". He says to me. Well I want another one. Not so sure he wants another one, we shall see. I would love to adopt a baby from Russia. They are about 40 years behind us as far as exception, and medical. Kids with down syndrome are still put in mental institutions between 4-6 years old. Reece's Rainbow is an organization to help these kids find adoptive homes.
Trying to get more breast milk for Ryan through Eats on Feets. It is a site for mom's and babies donating milk or wanting milk for their baby's.

My kids asked me this morning how much longer until RSV season is over. I told them at the end of April. Kim says " Well then we can go to Chuckie Cheese for Tristan's B-Day, and CeCe's for mine". Ashley is turning 16 next month we are planning her "Twilight Sleepover". Fun, Fun, yeah I know as long as I help everyone understand the 5 day no sick rule. All my kids are home today, we have had colds,flu going through the house. My kids did not get the memo- I didn't eighther. Oh well.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Well since August it has been a challenge to keep Ryan healthy.Not taking him out in public too much. He has been well now for 3 weeks, we hope this is an upward thing.I do have a dear friend who is donating breast milk for Ryan- I know that is why he is even chubby at all. He did have a hospital stay in October, he had RSV and pneumonia. He is getting RSV shots every month. They cost $800.00 dollars- we only pay $70.00. Losing both my grandparents in August and September, flying to MA two times was stressful. Add sick baby and I am just toast, burnt and crispy. Trying to stay afloat. Also being Mom to my other kids, and a wife. We have a new niece Brooklyn- she is too cute, can't wait to meet her this summer. Paul and his family are moving to Texas. We hope to visit this summer- it is about a 15 hour drive.
Nathan got his hearing aids back after breaking them, TERD! Steve and I got new glasses. I had to get by focals. I got separate prescription sun glasses, Steve got transitional lenses. Since I need to wear mine all the time now I got some really pretty ones, I will post pictures later.
We have 6 more months on our lease here, and we will need to rent for at least two more years to save for a down payment.Which will be tough with all the med bills we are paying. We want to have a house built, a ranch. We hope to rent a ranch this June/July. My Fibro is bad most days, however I do not complain too much- no one wants to hear that crap. We want to keep the kids in the same schools, we will see.
Still I try to stay happy and I know I am blessed, I get reminders every day.